Galactic Battles Motion Graphics
Beside you may see cutscenes from the short Galactic Battles, showing a rereading of the Normandy and USS Enterprise Graphical User Interfaces, made by me. The composition of the short was made by other members of the visual effects team.
All the elements of the artworks, and animations, bellow were animated by me. The elements or/and animations were sent separately to be used by the vfx compositors. 
Normandy GUI
Normandy GUI animation test
Animated Spaceship Status
Animated Milkway
USS Enterprise GUI
USS Enterprise animated graphics
WANTED Motion Graphics
The first scene shows motion graphics created, and animated, for my VFS (Vancouver Film School) demo reel opening, inspired on the old green phosphor monitors. On this scene it shows the IP (Internet Protocol) tracking throughout the city, viewed from above.
On the second scene, motion for the police HUD (Heads-Up Display). On this scene the police starts scanning the whole apartment, comparing the character with its database of criminals and lost people.
You can watch the whole demo reel here.
On the bottom left you may see the first idea for the police HUD, inspired on Terminator's, but it didn't fit on the mood of the short being replaced by the one on the right. 
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