I am a Brazilian architect and graphic designer with a diverse educational background. I obtained my Bachelor's in Graphic Design from the Lutheran University of Brazil. I pursued further studies in Architecture and Urbanism at the Federal University of Roraima.

Additionally, I completed a post-graduate program in 3D animation and visual effects at the prestigious Vancouver Film School. I also attained qualifications in project management from Unicesp and commercial architecture from IPOG to enhance my skill set.

Throughout my career, spanning over 15 years, I have gained extensive experience as a graphic designer in various sectors. I have worked in private companies and public institutions and taken on freelance projects. Moreover, I have been able to share my expertise as a university professor, imparting knowledge to aspiring designers.

As an architect, I have contributed to residential and institutional projects, demonstrating my versatility in designing spaces for different purposes. Alongside my architectural pursuits, I have continued to teach at the university level, sharing my passion for the field with students.

I am pursuing a Master's degree in Architecture (MArch) at the University of Florida, CityLab Orlando. As part of my program, I am specializing in Themed Environment Integration, exploring the fascinating intersection of architecture and immersive experiences.
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